The tourist season at Ackerman’s !

What are the new attractions in 2014?
Will the scenography of “Journey to the Center of the Bubble” experience changes?

Visite des caves, oenotourisme

Wine Tourism Manager Julien Goudeau:

“Each year, we make a point of bringing a touch of innovation to this scenography. Our aim is that of enriching and awakening the curiosity of the public in view of encouraging the discovery and appreciation of unique artistic performances. As a result, we are inaugurating a new concept this year – two art galleries. This additional attraction will extend the tour to new vaulted cellars with unique characteristics. They have been decorated by Alex Taaz and Ben Noah who have developed their work around a common source of inspiration – the works by Jules Verne and notably Journey to the Center of the Earth. The ultimate goal at the heart of their approach has been that of offering emotions via their art.

Two new artists have also taken part in the fine-tuning of the 2014 version of “Journey to the Center of the Bubble”. First of all Jean-Michel Daluzeau. This Loire Valley artist is an expert in modeling glass. He has melted down and created original shapes out of wine bottles for us. His works will be on display in the eXperience gallery, underscored by the skilful use of lighting equipment.

As we are seduced by the art of photography, this year we have also initiated a project dedicated to pictures, thanks to the talent of amateur photographer Laurent Prum. His genuine artistic and poetic sensibility put him a cut above the rest. We called upon this artist in view of fulfilling a wish that mattered to us – that of paying tribute to the men and women producing our wines. As a result, Laurent Prum met with our cellar masters, grape growers and winemakers… To this end, he decorated the sails of traditional local boats with pictures. His exhibition, dubbed “The photographic sails” will be exposed in the Cremantissime gallery, which is dedicated to the art of living.”

These new additions were inaugurated on the 14th of April.