festival hors cadre

Festival hors cadre - Saumur - Caves Ackerman

New event in the city of Saumur (Pays de la Loire, FR)
the Hors Cadre festival brings music in unusual venues. During 3 days four bands between folk, pop and electro will play in a swimming pool, a castle or troglodyte caves…

In the Maison Ackerman caves, into a place dedicated to modern art, Lake Keepers propose a surprising trip. With electronic music accompanied by acoustic instruments and videos. This band from Paris propose fine electro-pop. Aside from gigantic artistic work by Vincent Mauger or Julien Salaud, the trip will be magical.


15 October
18h • Caves Ackerman

Festival Hors Cadre - Ackerman - Saumur2

Festival hors cadre - Saumur - Caves Ackerman


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