Tempereau – Exhibition in gardens

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 Jacques Tempereau’s works in the gardens of the House Ackerman. 

Jacques TEMPEREAU, artist contemporary plastics technician, painter and sculptor in Angers presents sculptures and paintings borrowed from landscapes, realized with the volume of trees, plants and soil, for their achievements: arboretum, antique, duality, fountain, aqua-familia, animals, masks … The exposed works are monumental and take all their dimension in parks and gardens.

The artist wanted to realize the link between the vegetable and the human being. Male buds and females, embraces in trees and bushes until the fertilization, trees and flowers, carry(wear) fruits and fruits. It is the life of an oak or a sculpture exceeding the human life

We invite you to come to contemplate these magnificent works of Arboretum in our gardens, throughout the summer.

Tempereau oeuvres