Vincent Mauger is the RESIDENCE’s second winner

Very active on the French art scene, he has decided to plunge into the history, light and atmosphere of this very unique monumental galleries of Maison Ackerman. When it comes to both art and wine alike, perfection is born from an alchemy between different elements.

This is a temporary work of art, that will be on display for a duration of three years, starting on April 2016.

He uses everyday material (glass, tiles, bricks, wood, PVC pipes…) to offer differ dimensions, and makes fun of the paradoxes between real life and virtual reality, landscape and architecture, drawings and huge works of art, traditional techniques and high tech, volume and lightness, materialization and dematerialization.

He is both physically and mentally in tune with the exhibition areas, as he has established a genuine relationship with them. “I hardly intervene in the actual gallery. I don’t want to attack it full on, as I prefer a more strategic or tactical approach,” he explained. Vincent Mauger adds dimension to these creative places, with visibly assembled installations, boasting proliferating forms, inviting the spectator to continue to use his imagination.

Highly active on the French art scene, Vincent Mauger exhibits his work in public art galleries, such as the Pompidou Center and the National Fund for Contemporary Art. He also counts among the artists selected in 2010 by the Museum of Modern Art of Paris and the Palace of Tokyo, for the Dynasty exhibition, which highlighted the value and vitality of contemporary French art.

Vincent Mauger is currently represented by the Bertrand Grimont Gallery in Paris.

Vincent Mauger est le deuxième lauréat de la RÉSIDENCE ACKERMAN FONTEVRAUD LA SCENE