The Week of Sound – live art.

Concert in the troglodyte cellars.

The second edition of The Week of Sound will end “20 Thousand Leagues under the Earth”!
Indeed, the cellars of the House of Ackerman have welcomed an unusual sensorial event, that takes spectators to the heart of an over 200m2 space designed by the well-known artist Yorga and illustrated by the music of the Xtet Free Pass association (psychedelic/post modern).

Xtet Free Pass is an association created at the beginning of the 70s. It was one of the first groups of the French free-jazz scene, and played in the biggest Jazz and contemporary music festivals (Chateauvallon, Royan, La Rochelle, Maison de la Radio etc…).

A present, Xtet Free Pass is united around the pianist and composer Jean-Marc Boutin. It combines the talents of a trio of keyboard players – (Wurlitzer on an electro-acoustic piano, Moog and Philips on synthesizers), joined by opera singer Pascal Merlhes.

The musicians of Xtet Free Pass are committed to playing entirely personal and fundamentally improvised music, which remains all the while coherent in style, due to their long work together.
The end result is at once “psychedelic” along the lines of meditative Indian ragas, and post-Modern, influenced by a more evocative music like that of Debussy.