Divin Chocolat, an encounter between wine and gastronomy.

The 8th Saumur Wine and Chocolate Show.

The 8th Saumur Wine and Chocolate Show was held on the 30th of November and the 1st of December 2013. In the magic decor of the troglodyte cellars of the House of Ackerman – the leading producer of fine sparkling wines in the Loire Valley – oenologists and famous winemakers organized a refined and original tasting, pairing wine with chocolate creations. Various conferences throughout the two days equally presented the expertise of these gastronomic artisans.

The Divin Chocolate Show offers the possibility of experiencing magic and tasty sensations thanks to wine and chocolate pairings, elaborated by well-known chocolate makers and oenologists. The Duchess Anne, Guisabel, Laurent Petit, Stephanie Legrand or even the famous professor Michel de Maisoncelles, provided unique creations, with a texture and flavors that have been especially selected to go well with a range of still and sparkling wines.

At the same time, many conferences allowed visitors to better understand the richness of this form of food pairing, and the way in which wine and chocolate are made.
The general public was able to learn about the choice of raw material depending upon the terroirs, varieties and origins, as well as the transformation of noble ingredients, the subtlety of the end products and the expertise of these gastronomic artisans. The show is a tasty and informative end of year experience for the entire family.

Divin Chocolate – alchemy between wine and chocolate!